Favorite Oatmeal Recipes Roundup

Sooo...let's get real. I like oats. A LOT. One look at my instagram account and you'll discover that very quickly. I went scrolling through my account to get some inspiration about my favorite recipes and holy moly. It made me want to eat oatmeal for every meal for the next week!! Okay, maybe not every meal, but it reminded me of how dreamy oats are.

Favorite Oatmeal recipes roundup

I love eating oats because they can be hot, cold, creamy, doughy, cakey, etc. The possibilities are endless!! It honors my cravings for sweets, fills my desire for doughy textures, and the fiber content keeps me full and my blood sugar stable for several hours. I wanted to share several of my favorite recipes with you so that you can mix up your breakfast routine or get into oatmeal if you're not already into it. I seriously had oats in some form for breakfast for like a year straight. I can help you out!

This is one of the first oatmeal recipes that got me into the world of oats--whipped banana oatmeal. I love topping it with chopped apples, flax seed, and walnuts. <3

Then after my whipped oatmeal phase, I got into various baked oatmeal recipes. Here are a few of my faves...The one below is from Immaeatthat. Kylie knows how to do a baked oatmeal :-D

For the chocolate brulee below, I just top it with peanut butter instead of stuffing it inside. LOVE the crunchy topping! I'm all about mixing crunchy with a doughy texture.

This one is even doughier than the brulee one. It's more like bread pudding (insert heart eye emoji here). Ooey gooey in the middle, crunchy on the top!!


Then I got into overnight oats. I make mine a variety of different ways. Cooled coffee gives it a nice flavor like in this recipe. 



Other times I mash part of a banana, add oats, chia seeds, pb2, and milk into a bowl, stick in the fridge and then top with fruit, nuts, and peanut butter in the morning. Ohemgee...

And now with the weather FINALLY getting cooler, and my love for espresso continuing to grow, I canNOT wait to try out this recipe below for an oatmeal latte. It's genius!!



What do you think? Have you tried any of the recipes above? Have a recipe I just HAVE to try? Let me know!

Trek Bars--Homemade Granola Bars

These bars. Oh. My. Word. 

So I made an incredible discovery about the location of my new office. I happen to be caddy-corner from Great Harvest Bread Company. If you've never been, you're missing out. It's the cutest little bakery and sandwich shop. Everyday they make different options of fresh bread and goodies and then have a few everyday staples. The best part about this little gem is that they give you FREE samples every time you come in. Puhlease and thank you.  When I go, I try a slice or two of bread. Oh, and they top it with cinnamon butter. Enough said....

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Doughy Snickerdoodle Oatmeal Breakfast Bake

Oh my goodness. This incredible bowl of deliciousness...I ate it for breakfast for a week straight. I kid you not. I stumbled upon it by accident actually. I was combining bits of several different oatmeal breakfasts/bakes that I like. The result? An incredibly doughy, custard-like oatmeal bake with a caramelized brown sugar crunch that made my mouth think I was eating a snickerdoodle cookie. I just about died and went to heaven. 

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