What Does the Bible have to say about how god views food and our bodies? (handout available)

Hello hello!! A few weeks ago I worked on a handout for my clients about the Bible and what it has to say about our bodies and food. Honestly, I was only creating this for my clients to take home and work on in order to discuss later in another session.

I did this because I offer faith-based nutritional counseling and see clients who experience a lot of shame and guilt around food and their faith. It's multifaceted (shame around having an eating disorder or not being better "yet", guilt around overeating or thinking about food all the time, wanting to honor God with their food choices but feeling like a failure, etc.) and different people struggle in different areas. I believe God's Word is sufficient to address all of our struggles, but in this worksheet I focused mainly on what the Bible has to say about food. Several of the passages aren't actually about food, but I believe they reveal things about God's character or truths that can be applied to many areas, including the way we relate to food or our bodies. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about food, and that the church has perpetuated incorrect beliefs around food, our bodies, and morality/righteousness. Even our culture has created a religion of dieting/clean eating and food intake, and health is associated with a level of holiness and moral superiority. This is NOT at all a part of the Gospel.

What does the Bible have to say about how God views our bodies and food?

As I was working on the worksheet, I got super excited about what all God's Word has to say about food and our bodies. Guys, there are wonderful truths that apply to our relationship with food...and it is so FREEING! I snapped a screenshot of what I was working on and posted it to my IG stories. I got a lot of positive feedback saying how they were excited to read my post. Soooo...I decided to post this for you all. So here's what you can do, subscribe to my newsletter and it will send you a pdf of this worksheet I created. You are more than welcome to unsubscribe after if you simply want the pdf and no more. That's completely fine with me. You can subscribe on the "Home" page or on the "Contact Me" page. This is only going to be available for the next two weeks when you sign up because in the future people may be signing up simply to receive notifications, not for the pdf. 

I pray you find God's Word encouraging as you dive in!! (P.S. This worksheet is in no way a comprehensive list of verses on what the Bible has to say about food and bodies, but at least some to mull over and think about!) I challenge you to read through the surrounding passages as well. 

 A little preview of part of the handout/worksheet

A little preview of part of the handout/worksheet


Our Babymoon to Colorado

This past week, Isaac and I headed to Colorado for a fun little trip before baby boy comes (nope, still haven't decided on a name). We both really enjoy being active outdoors and find the mountains to be absolutely gorgeous. Our trip did NOT disappoint. :-) 

On Tuesday, we flew out early to Denver so that we would have the whole day to start off our vacation. We picked up our rental car and headed to Four Friends Kitchen for brunch. Isaac got a breakfast burrito that had chorizo in it, and I got the chilaquiles. Near the end of the meal, we switched--I'd have to say I liked his better. Chorizo is my fave. πŸ˜


We then adventured closer to downtown and went to Blue Sparrow coffee. A friend of ours owns a local coffee shop here in Tulsa and he suggested this coffee shop to us. It was tiny, but super cute. It was fun to see them selling our local coffee shop's beans in the store. Afterwards we checked out the REI in Denver and then headed to Estes Park for a few days.

My aunt and uncle have a house in Estes Park on a mountainside that overlooks the valley. Holy moly it was beautiful. And the weather!!! In the mornings it was around 50 degrees and only got to about 80 degrees. I was in heaven. Tuesday afternoon we checked out the town and then spent the evening with my family. Wednesday morning we packed snacks/lunch and headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park to do some hiking. It was tough hiking pregnant, but thankfully we took it slow and rested a bunch. It was COMPLETELY worth the hard work. We went on a hike that went by 5 different lakes. Gosh, it was so great.


After hiking, we showered up and took naps and then headed back to check out the downtown again. Dinner was with my aunt and uncle (she did a GREAT job on meals...I liked having someone plan and prep meals for us!) and then we headed to one of their friend's house for fireworks. Watching fireworks while wearing pants and a jacket was a new experience for me! ha (Tulsa is in the upper 90s/100s right now). We even had a group of elk walk right by us during the show. πŸ˜‚ 

Thursday morning we got up and drove to Colorado Springs. On the way, we stopped in Denver for a second breakfast (our first didn't keep us full) and coffee. If any of you guys live in Denver, I highly recommend the breakfast tacos from Illegal Pete's. They were cheap, delicious, and customizable. I got mine with egg, potato, chorizo, black beans, cheese, and pico. Isaac got one with bacon and black beans and one with chorizo and pinto beans and a green chile gravy. We split an iced latte from Little Owl Coffee. 


We then hit the road again and got to Colorado Springs. That afternoon we got groceries for packing lunches for the rest of the trip (it was cheaper and easier for us so that we could just bring them with us and not worry about the timing of meals with whatever we were doing) and then headed to Seven Falls. We hiked more that afternoon, checked into our little Airbnb, and then got dinner at the Skirted Heiffer. I'd heard good things about it and saw that it was on Guy's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Meh, we weren't impressed. The menu sounded great, but we both thought they were just greasy diner burgers. 


Friday we woke up and got coffee and breakfast at Switchback nearby. We split a bagel sandwich and toast with goat cheese and a blueberry/blackberry spread. Both were delicious! I ate mine with a milky latte :-). Afterwards we headed out for a different hike at 7 bridges (which thankfully was free this time...did you know you have to pay to hike sometimes???). By that end of that day, my body was worn out! We chilled out the rest of the afternoon and split dinner at Cerberus Brewing Company. The lamb sliders we got were πŸ‘ŒπŸ». Went for a walk and ended our evening with ice cream from John and Josh's. 


Saturday we got up, had coffee and breakfast (notice a trend?) at Good Neighbors Meeting House and read for awhile. (Side note: I read Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers on the trip, and although it was heavy and really sad, it was a GREAT book.) We went to the pioneer museum for a few hours and then headed back to Denver for our flight. Outside the security area was an area with turf and games. We had time to kill, so we checked it out and found out they had corn hole, bocce ball, and badminton. We played several rounds of corn hole and unfortunately, I was not the victor. πŸ˜©We then headed through security (well, it was more of a slow crawl) and then hopped on a plane to come back home. Our trip was SO beautiful, fun, and relaxing, and Isaac and I are already planning when we can go back next with our family of 3! :-)


Did you all do anything fun for the 4th of July?

We're having a......(gender reveal)!

Gender reveal

Hello everyone!! How are you? I feel like it's been forever since I've been on here. Pregnancy has made me quite a bit less motivated to do everyday life things, and I'm having to accept that it's okay not to do everything if I don't have to. I used to be someone that put so much of my worth and effort into what I accomplished...I'm grateful to have grown over the past few years--it was always so anxiety provoking and shame producing...

Anyways, I have officially made it to 20 weeks and a few days (when you were a kid, did you tell people you were "7 and three-quarters"?? I feel like pregnancy is like that for me)!! This past Friday we had our 20 week scan and found out the gender. Ya'll I was so freaking anxious and nervous on the ride there. I thought I just might get sick or wet my pants πŸ˜‚. I've found the overall OB experience to be very rushed. My appointments are only about 5 minutes long. So getting to see the baby for like 20 minutes was such a fun experience for me. Not to mention getting to see the baby in detail--we got to see the profile, the heart, the brain, baby's arms and legs, etc. It was such a great experience...

20 weeks + 3 days

Which leads me to the gender. We had contemplated not finding out during the ultrasound, but wanted to be 100% present without being afraid of seeing something that would give us a clue. Finding out the gender helps us to better connect because we no longer have to call Baby "baby" or "it", and we get to make dreams about Baby's life, and plan the nursery...and buy clothes πŸ˜‰. 

We're having......


A BOY!!!

Friday night we had our parents over for dinner and the reveal. We bought blue poppers and wrapped them in brown paper with "Boy or Girl?" written on them. We had them vote what gender they thought we were having--2 and 2. Here's the video of them finding out (my mom is the precious one who hugged my mother in law. πŸ˜‚

 Is this outfit not the cutest?!?

Is this outfit not the cutest?!?


We're so excited about this little boy joining our family and providing so much joy over the years to come. For those of you interested, I figured I would share my pregnancy experience so far.

Food cravings/aversion

Thank GOODNESS my food aversions have gone away! It seems so silly, but not wanting or enjoying some of my favorite foods and experiences was really sad for me. Around week 17 or 18 I started to want coffee and desserts. And I've finally moved away from eating asiago bagels with eggs for breakfast everyday. I haven't had many food cravings, but still want more carb-based meals. I DO put cream cheese on a lot of things, which is new for me, but I'm really enjoying it. I've also craved hot dogs--which is not me. I usually think hot dogs are disgusting. And yet, every time I see one, I want one. Pregnancy is SO WEIRD!!

Body image

Honestly, body image has been pretty rough throughout the pregnancy. I've had so many expectations of what my body would do or what it "should" do, and reality has been very different for me. I assumed I would have this "cute little baby bump", but instead have just gotten wider everywhere. Guys, my love handles are growing like weeds!! πŸ˜‚I've heard there is this belief that women should only gain weight in their belly during pregnancy, and this could not be further from the truth! Sure, that may be some women's experience, but it's not the typical woman's experience. Our bodies need to gain 8-12 pounds of fat simply for reserves for baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Apparently this is deposited mainly in the love handles, hips, and thighs as DHA is stored in love handles. DHA=fat for brain development. I'm starting to think our baby boy is going to be very smart with all the DHA I'm apparently storing! πŸ˜‰

I read the "Does the Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat" book, which was helpful for bolstering my confidence in my body and my experience. I've also had to remind myself that everyone's experience is different. And just because so and so hasn't gained weight in her lower half and isn't showing yet, doesn't mean that my body is wrong for gaining weight and showing. We're just different. Different doesn't mean better or worse. I also had a conversation with my OB about not discussing my weight with me. It was good for me to be able to draw those boundaries so that I can protect myself in the future. 

 Look at that sweet face profile!! πŸ˜

Look at that sweet face profile!! πŸ˜


Other body changes

Thankfully the nausea has gone away for the most part. I'm still dealing with acid reflux on a daily basis (for me it's not burning, but more of a relaxation of the stomach and esophagus, resulting in the feeling that food is coming back up....sorry for the graphic detail😳). And I have to be careful about the foods I eat for my stomach. It's just more finicky and I have to be careful about my choices. I love apples right now, but they kill my stomach, so I have to be choosy about how much and what other foods I eat them with. Other changes include my eyelashes falling out, so that's cool...and I'm now feeling the baby move and kick. It's the GREATEST. I absolutely love feeling him kick because it really connects us. Isaac has even been able to feel him, which was such a neat experience for him. 


Continuing to move my body is really important to me. I want to be physically fit and have endurance for the labor, because I know it is going to be strenuous and difficult. I want to be sure that I'm continuing to move my body so that it is more ready for this. However, just because I'm continuing to move my body, doesn't mean it looks the same as it used to. I've scaled it way back. Partially because I don't have the energy to do what I would have in the past, and partially because things just feel weird. Running is a form of movement that is NOT comfortable for me. I don't like the way it feels for Baby to move up and down each time I take a step. So I've been doing a lot of walking and then have done weights on my own or a weight lifting class. But being aware of how my body feels at each time is something I'm really conscientious of. 

I'm sure that as the summer progresses and it continues to get hotter (how is that even possible), I will take advantage of the pool at the Y. I'm thinking floating and swimming will feel great on my body. πŸ™‹


And that's all for now. Thanks for celebrating with us!! :-D