A New Habit + Breakfasts Lately

Heyo! I wanted to share with you all a new habit I've been practicing the last week and a half. I've recently gotten into the habit of watching tv while eating breakfast and/or lunch. I started watching Parenthood a few weeks back and now I just watch one episode after another! So addicting. The weird part is that I don't even know why. Their family makes SO MANY dumb decisions, they yell at each other all the time, and yet at the end of every episode, I want to watch another one. 🙄 (Is it even possible for Lauren Graham to play a character that doesn't screw up every relationship?!) And although this Parenthood marathon is fine at different times, it has really gotten in the way of me being productive while at home. It's also gotten in the way of me connecting with my food at meal times.

I decided that something needed to change. This desire for change wasn't born out of beating myself up, but out of the desire for accomplishing more, feeling more satisfied with my meals, taking better care of myself, etc. So I've started a new morning routine in which I oftentimes go for a walk around our apartment complex while listening to part of a podcast 😍 + breakfast out on our balcony + time in the Word while still sitting outside. I've LOVED quieting my mind through sitting out in nature and not being distracted with watching tv. The time outside moving my body in a gentle way, connecting to my meals, and then connecting to my Father has made me feel so much more grounded, peaceful, and joyful for the day. It has also helped me to be more productive while at home in the mornings. 


This is what I read for my morning quiet times. 


Along with a GREAT view, and peaceful environment, I've also had some really delicious meals. Here's a few of them: Overnight oats with oats, chia seeds, pb2, maple syrup, almond milk, topped with fruit and nuts.


Sweet potatoes on repeat for several meals. They have been so delicious and satisfying to me lately. I plan on sharing how I make my scrambled eggs so fluffy in a post soon. 


My doughy snickerdoodle oatmeal breakfast bake (+ iced latte) was incredibly delicious after not having it for awhile. 


So there you have it! My new habit plus a few breakfast ideas for you. Hope you are finding activities that allow you to take care of yourself-mind, body, and spirit; and that you are eating delicious, satisfying food!