Homemade Maple Oatmeal Bread

Hello readers! I recently posted an instagram story of a peanut butter and banana sandwich on homemade bread for a snack I was eating (because lately second breakfasts are a much needed thing) and I got several requests for the recipe for the bread. So per your request, I whipped up another batch to take some pictures (and let's be honest--so that I could have it for snacks/meals again this week) and am providing the recipe here!....You're welcome.

Homemade maple oatmeal bread recipe

In high school, one of my best friend's mom made everything from scratch, including their bread. I mean, she would make their burger buns homemade. Talk about GOALS. And pretty much everyday my friend would pack a peanut butter sandwich on her mom's bread for lunch at school. One weekend I spent time with them and her mom brought me a pb sandwich and I was IN HEAVEN. The bread is dense and chewy and it goes perfectly with peanut butter and banana. And don't get me started on how great it is toasted. I don't know what it is, but it's got the perfect crunch.

I tried making the bread throughout high school, but could never get the dough to rise and I always ended up with a brick. Thankfully I no longer try to make recipes with dense whole wheat flour and sugar free pancake syrup  πŸ™ˆ (it doesn't work, people). When I got married, my friend's mom was so sweet to give me a bread machine so that I could always make her bread for Isaac and I. Now, I don't actually use the bread machine for this recipe, but that's only because I don't know where the manual is for it and I have no clue which option to choose πŸ˜‚

Homemade maple oatmeal bread recipe

So the good news is that you can make this bread in your regular 'ol oven! And it's super fast because you don't have to wait hours for it to rise--instead you just need 20 minutes of rising time (see the recipe instructions below)!

I can't wait to hear about how it turns out for you and what you think!

Homemade maple oatmeal bread recipe
Maple oatmeal bread recipe