Protein Packed Kodiak Cakes Monkey Bread

Get a LOAD of this.... 

Monkey bread using protein packed Kodiak Cakes

Monkey bread. Please tell me you have eaten it before? Isn't it so delicious?? All ooey, gooey like? If you have not, I am very excited to introduce you to this dessert that disguises as breakfast 😉. I've recently started experimenting with Kodiak Cakes pancake mix and am loving how easy it is to use and how delicious the recipes are turning out. 

Monkey bread made with protein packed kodiak cakes

The thing I love about the Protein Packed Kodiak Cakes pancake/waffle mix is that it is made with whole wheat flour, oat flour, and is higher in protein than normal pancake mixes. Can you say staying power from increased fiber and protein?? I have issues with my blood sugar getting low, so protein in the morning is a MUST. I cannot do straight carbs. So the protein packed mix is a winner for me and my body. 

Monkey Bread made with protein packed kodiak cakes mix

I used the kodiak cakes mix as the base and then added additional flour, yeast, milk, butter, and sugar. I tried several batches to get the recipe just right for you all. The first batch I accidentally did half of the dry ingredients with the full milk amount. Gosh, it took me a while to figure out why the dough was so wet.🙈  The end result was delicious but had more of a coffee cake texture and I was going for a yeast bread texture. The next batch I used white whole wheat flour in addition to the pancake mix and it turned out more dense and dry. Next!! The third time was a charm. I used all purpose flour and the end product was light and fluffy and delicious!! 

Monkey bread made with protein packed kodiak cakes mix

I used coconut oil for the coating, but you can definitely substitute butter. I just happen to like the taste of coconut oil in my baked goodies, especially cookies 😍.  As for how to best eat these, I recommend topping it with some powdered sugar glaze or Wild Friend's gingerbread peanut butter (it is seriously SO good!) and eating it with some eggs for breakfast, as a snack, or for dessert after dinner. I did all of the above...

Protein packed monkey bread using kodiak cakes
Protein packed monkey bread using kodiak cakes