Quick summer time lunch

So because it's getting hot here (and because I'm pregnant), I'm craving lots of cold, fresh foods. Side note, I had Jason's Deli for lunch the other day with a friend for the first time in like 10 years, and the salad bar was SO refreshing!! I'm trying to remember what all I put in my salad so that I can recreate it, because it was super delicious. Do people even go to Jason's Deli anymore? I'm okay with the free ice cream that comes with every meal....🙋

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Sweet potato quesadillas--your next obsession

Guys. I'm seriously doing this...I'm starting a food blog!!!

You have NO idea how excited I am about starting this and all that it entails. I'm envisioning endless hours of recipe daydreaming, food experimentation, and taste testing (aaaannd MORE taste testing)...I'm guessing that I'm being naive and that it's not gonna be as glamorous as I think it is, but for now, ignorance is bliss and I'm super excited.

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