Sweet potato quesadillas--your next obsession

Guys. I'm seriously doing this...I'm starting a food blog!!!

You have NO idea how excited I am about starting this and all that it entails. I'm envisioning endless hours of recipe daydreaming, food experimentation, and taste testing (aaaannd MORE taste testing)...I'm guessing that I'm being naive and that it's not gonna be as glamorous as I think it is, but for now, ignorance is bliss and I'm super excited.

Quesadilla ingredients

These pictures don't do the quesadilla justice, but you're gonna have to be patient while I figure this whole food blogging thing out. I know how to cook and  eat...not how to take pictures and make them look pretty. It'll come...


So this quesadilla--it's something I make for pretty much every friend get-together. And every time, my friends tell me how good they are. It's super simple, inexpensive, and great for allowing people to customize it for themselves. I'm all about having options and being able to customize things to my liking (ask Isaac about how I order food at restaurants. "Can you add ___ and take off ___?" Do I even end up with the actual menu item??). 

Anyways, I got the idea for this quesadilla from a friend. I love quesadillas because I can throw them together for Isaac and I when I don't have anything planned or when we're rushed for time. I absolutely adore sweet potatoes because....well, do I even need to explain why?? The sweet potatoes make the quesadilla creamy (so you can use less cheese) and incredibly filling. So, if you want to take your dinner to the next level, or you want to become the top party host among your friends, give these a try. I promise you won't be disappointed!

sweet potato quesadillas
Sweet potato quesadilla recipe card

Let me know what you think after trying it!


Shout out to my wonderful friends Billy and Kelsey for really encouraging me to pursue this blogging thing!