A Brand New Attitude (and Homemade Cocoa Almond Butter)

Hello hello!

I hope your Christmas and New Years brimmed over with rich time with family and friends (and good food). I know mine was WAY too short with the people I love so much and get to call my family. Did you do the same old same old, or spice it up a little bit? Isaac and I split our time between both of our families for Christmas and then branched out for New Year's Eve by spending it with another married couple we're friends with. It was super low key, but incredibly fun! There were even 2016 hats and bizookas involved...Yeah, we're pretty wild. :-)

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Popcorn party

I bring you popcorn. 

And not just any popcorn....the star here is orange popcorn. You're probably thinking to yourself, "What?! Orange popcorn? That's disgusting." Just hold on. In high school, my best friend's mom used to make HUGE batches of these for our sleepovers of parties and everyone loved it. You're gonna love it. Unless you're not a sweet and salty popcorn kinda person. Or if you're like my husband and don't like popcorn because the kernels get stuck in your teeth. In that case, I'm so sorry for you.

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