HUGE announcement!!!

Hey everyone!! I'm super pumped to be sharing this post today. I've had to keep things under wraps for awhile, so it's incredibly exciting to get finally get to spill the beans!! 

You may have noticed (or not, we can't all be super observant), but the blog got a facelift. And a new domain name. And a completely different layout. That is because.....I'M STARTING MY OWN PRACTICE!!!!

I’m starting my own private practice. 

Freedom Nutrition and Wellmess.jpg

Welcome to Freedom Nutrition and Wellness! The website is now used for business purposes (people finding my business), but will still include regular blogposts with access to old blogs I've done. So although not a lot is changing on the blog, a lot is changing on the site and in my life.

If you follow along, you know that I currently provide nutritional counseling at a Christian counseling center. I absolutely love my co-workers and have complete confidence in the work they do there (it's really cool to be a part of such a great ministry). However, I've also had a long-term desire to own my own practice. With Isaac and I buying a home and wanting to start a family in the nearish future, it just made sense for me to get my practice up and running beforehand. So...after Christmas I will no longer be working at Cornerstone and will instead be accepting clients at my new office. Eek! How crazy is that? There are still so many details to get worked out (like what are my clients going to SIT on?!), but I am incredibly excited and grateful to get to start this new journey. 

So with that, I am now accepting clients for January 2018 both online and in-person. If you're interested check out this page on services, or my contact page to set up an appointment. 

Can't wait for all the new things to come. And thanks for all of the love and support thus far <3.