Veggie-Packed Breakfast Quiche

“It’s a marshmallow world in the winter, when the snow comes to cover the ground. It’s the time for play, it’s a whipped cream day..." Disclaimer: This recipe does not include marshmallows or whipped cream. I'm sorry for getting your hopes up.

Veggie packed breakfast quiche with oat flour crust

It’s Christmaaaas tiiiiime!!! And I am SO excited! I’m really getting into the season this year and am excited to buy and decorate our first Christmas tree together, decorate our new apartment, do an advent calendar for the first time in my life, and watch Christmas movies. And my favorite part....listen to Christmas music HOURS. ON. END. A few weeks before thanksgiving I decided it was time to break out the Michael Buble Christmas CD. I told a friend about it and was strongly reprimanded. I know, I know—“no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.” #notashamed

I mean, Christmas music just brings so much cheer. How can you NOT be happy when listening to it?? If you can, then wah-wah, Mr. Grinch. I’ve been studying for my RD exam, and my “I Want A Hippopotamus” Pandora station has gotten me through it. And on the first of December I successfully found the 24/7 Christmas radio station for my car rides. I just can't stop. 

Oat flour crust for veggie-filled quiche

Speaking of music, how are you with song lyrics? Growing up, my brother and sister used to make fun of me because I could never sing the song lyrics correctly. I don’t know if my brain just can’t process the actual words properly or if my memory is simply terrible. Either way, song lyrics aren’t my forte. But neither is remembering lines from movie scenes. Or knowing names of celebrities. Okay, anything pop culture. Anyways, I was listening to the radio in my car the other day and just I happened to pass by a donut shop. Next thing I know, the song started talking about donuts. You know, the song by Billy Currington: “Sounds good, a donut, don’t it? Everything you got you know that I want it, want it. Sounds pretty good, now a donut? A donut.” Yeah, Billy. A donut does sound pretty good, and I do want it. Like I need any additional temptations to eat donuts...

Bell pepper for veggie filled quiche
Veggie packed breakfast quiche

That’s not the only song I hear lyrics about food. Remember when Pitch Perfect came out and the radio stations were playing the cup song like every half hour? I can’t hear that song without thinking she’s talking about tacos. “You’re gonna miss me by my walk, you’re gonna miss me by my ta-co. You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.” Gosh, I need some help.

Back to Christmas (the important topic). When I think about holidays growing up and having lots of family around, I think of my mom making egg casseroles and poppyseed bread. It was her go-to. Now that I think of it, she made that any time people came in to stay with us, Christmas or not.

This quiche is reminiscent of those typical egg casseroles. Except that it’s a whole lot better for you and has veggies, no butter, a lot less cheese, and no fatty meats. So this holiday season, prep this quiche before your guests come and pull it out in the morning along with some fruit for a breakfast that your guests will love and one that you can feel good about for the rest of your day.

Veggie-packed breakfast quiche with oat flour crust

And don’t forget to crank the Christmas music to get everyone in the mood. “Rocking around the Christmas tree let the Christmas spirit ring. Later we’ll have some breakfast quiche pie and we’ll do some caroling”....Let me know what you think! 

Veggie filled breakfast quiche- oat flour, eggs, ham/turkey, broccoli, bell peppers, flax

Crust recipe from my favorite blog, immaeatthat.