Current happenings....I'm unemployed

Don't fret. I know my post title appears discouraging, but my current unemployment is a very good thing. means that I'm finally done with my dietetic internship!! Six years of schooling, a master's thesis, and 26 weeks of an unpaid internship have all been completed in order to accomplish my goal of becoming a registered dietitian! So it feels incredibly good to be done. All that is standing in my way is taking the national RD exam...and then finding a job. Which may be a lot harder than I thought previously. But I honestly don't care, because I'M DONE done!!

And it just so happened that the week after I finished up my internship, my sweet prego sister flew in from Italy to the US for a friend's wedding. We took advantage of the reason for her to come back to the states and had her come back a week early so we could get some quality family time in to celebrate her pregnancy and the completion of my internship. What better way than with shopping and lots of good food?? None that I can think of. 

I met up with my sister-in-law Hailey (oh my goodness I love her) and my mom in OKC Friday afternoon. We then headed to Dallas to meet up with my sister and her in-laws. That night I had a chicken burger with cranberries and apples and a cranberry sauce. And it came with quite possibly the most delicious sweet potato fries I've ever eaten. They had a sprinkle of cinnamon, and I'm pretty sure they had butter on them. Let's not think about that..Sorry about the dark picture, the lighting was pretty low. 

Cranberry chicken walnut burger from Liberty burger

We went back to the hotel and just caught up on life. The next morning we got up and I worked out in the hotel's gym. Here's my go-to workout when I'm on the go and am limited on equipment. I found it in Fitness magazine and adapted it a little to make it slightly more tough. 

Hotel workout

We went to a Whole Foods that was right down the road to get my sister some fresh fruit/vegetable juice (and some massive apples and fresh peanut butter) and then headed back to the hotel for breakfast...Let's just say it lacked much to be desired...We then spent the majority of the day shopping at the outlet mall.

That afternoon we headed to Kate's aunt-in-law's house for a baby shower. It was SO sweet and fun! We played jeopardy and it was such a great idea. Check out the decoration below. The picture just doesn't do it justice. 

Baby shower #1

That night we got a snack at Chick-fil-a (holla) and then headed to the hotel to hang out. The next morning I got up to workout again, this time just walking and jogging on the treadmill. After breakfast and showering, we celebrated the completion of my internship with starbucks and a few donuts. 


Anyone else think it's ironic that we were celebrating me almost being a dietitian with donuts? I'm okay with that...

Afterwards we hit the outlet mall again. Boy did I hit the jackpot at the Loft outlet. Seriously, basically everything I tried on fit. It was VERY dangerous. Thankfully, Santa's helper (AKA, my mom) was nearby so I didn't have to buy everything, but could count on getting some of it for Christmas. I love being tight with Santa and his crew.

That afternoon we headed back home (and got FUZZY'S on the way home..their queso is seriously the best I've ever had. Sometimes I think it must have crack in it) and relaxed for the rest of the evening. I actually got a new phone that night too. I forgot how janky my phone was until I took it out of its case--the screen was cracked, the back was shattered and held together with duck tape, and the sound didn't always work. I am so grateful for a new phone! Shout out to my cousin who gave it to me for free. She's rad (have people used that term since the 90s?).

Monday, my sister and I went to crossfit (it's slowly growing on me) and then went back to the house for breakfast. My mom surprised us with at-home full body massages. As a kid I was a little freaked out about a random stranger giving me a massage, but now I think it is absolutely glorious! Give me more. I'm gonna have to figure out a way to get Isaac to fit a massage into the budget every month. I don't think I have that much persuasion...but it's worth a try.

Afterwards we grabbed lunch with one of Kate's good friends from high school. We headed to Tulsa (where I live) for the evening because I had a doctor's appointment the next morning. I would have rescheduled, but it takes an act of congress to get into a doctor. "Oh you're having a problem and need to be seen by a doctor? Our next available appointment is in 6 months. Will that work?" I could be dead by then. We had breakfast with one of the coolest women I know and Kate went shopping with her while I was at the doctor. Kate and I headed back to OKC for her shower that night. 


Wednesday morning we got up for Crossfit again, this time with my dad. It was an absolute killer. We did two different circuits, the first of rowing, wall balls, and pushups and the second circuit with ring rows, ball slams, and the assault bike (a good description of how your thighs feel afterwards). I thought I was going to die...afterwards, my dad treated us to some starbucks. My parents were never coffee drinkers growing up, but in the past year my dad has really gotten into starbucks. So much so that he introduced us to all of the baristas and a few of the people in the shop. We might need to stage an intervention...

The rest of the day we spend shopping for Kate to find a "black tie" dress that would fit her bump. It's even harder than it sounds--it wasn't my favorite. However, we DID get lunch at Big Truck Taco, per my request, so it was worth it. My mom just had to get a picture of us while we were there. Light eyes and looking straight into the sun just don't go together. 

That night we had my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousin, and brother and sister-in-law over for dinner for my mom's birthday. My family is just so fun. 

My sister left early the next morning and the rest of the week at home included more crossfit, catching up on Dancing with the Stars, the new Hunger Games movie, and lots of good food. I had such a wonderful week, but I was so ready to get back home to a normal schedule and food. It's gonna be hard transitioning back to eating as I know I should. Normal life is hard. And now thanksgiving is right around the corner. Anyone have any unusual recipes for I should try out?