What Does the Bible have to say about how god views food and our bodies? (handout available)

Hello hello!! A few weeks ago I worked on a handout for my clients about the Bible and what it has to say about our bodies and food. Honestly, I was only creating this for my clients to take home and work on in order to discuss later in another session.

I did this because I offer faith-based nutritional counseling and see clients who experience a lot of shame and guilt around food and their faith. It's multifaceted (shame around having an eating disorder or not being better "yet", guilt around overeating or thinking about food all the time, wanting to honor God with their food choices but feeling like a failure, etc.) and different people struggle in different areas. I believe God's Word is sufficient to address all of our struggles, but in this worksheet I focused mainly on what the Bible has to say about food. Several of the passages aren't actually about food, but I believe they reveal things about God's character or truths that can be applied to many areas, including the way we relate to food or our bodies. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about food, and that the church has perpetuated incorrect beliefs around food, our bodies, and morality/righteousness. Even our culture has created a religion of dieting/clean eating and food intake, and health is associated with a level of holiness and moral superiority. This is NOT at all a part of the Gospel.

What does the Bible have to say about how God views our bodies and food?

As I was working on the worksheet, I got super excited about what all God's Word has to say about food and our bodies. Guys, there are wonderful truths that apply to our relationship with food...and it is so FREEING! I snapped a screenshot of what I was working on and posted it to my IG stories. I got a lot of positive feedback saying how they were excited to read my post. Soooo...I decided to post this for you all. So here's what you can do, subscribe to my newsletter and it will send you a pdf of this worksheet I created. You are more than welcome to unsubscribe after if you simply want the pdf and no more. That's completely fine with me. You can subscribe on the "Home" page or on the "Contact Me" page. This is only going to be available for the next two weeks when you sign up because in the future people may be signing up simply to receive notifications, not for the pdf. 

I pray you find God's Word encouraging as you dive in!! (P.S. This worksheet is in no way a comprehensive list of verses on what the Bible has to say about food and bodies, but at least some to mull over and think about!) I challenge you to read through the surrounding passages as well. 

A little preview of part of the handout/worksheet

A little preview of part of the handout/worksheet